Career Overview

median salary
jobs nationwide in 2018
approximate # of new jobs by 2028
Learn customer needs and match them with the right products.
Prepare and deliver sales presentations to customers.
Secure and renew product and service orders and arrange delivery and installation.
Get opportunities to work on commission.
Help customers use, understand, and troubleshoot products.
Help with product research and development.

What It Takes

In the military, setting and achieving goals is part of daily life. In a sales role, you’ll be doing the exact same thing—and when you work in the technology industry, salespeople can make very competitive salaries.

A Desire to Help

Show customers how your product will make their lives easier and boost their bottom lines.


Sales professionals must be confident and persuasive when making their pitch to a prospective customer.

Technical Accuracy

Knowing your product backwards and forwards is essential to making sales. 

A Goal-Oriented Approach

Sales is always about reaching quotas and then seeing just how much you can surpass expectations.

Good Listening

Really understanding where your customer is coming from is essential to a strong sales approach.

Career Progression

Step 1
Earn bachelor’s degree in business
Step 2
Start entry-level sales role
Step 3
Manage a sales team

Key Companies

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