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MSP Aviation, Inc.

Since 1943, MSP Manufacturing (formerly MSP Aviation)  has designed and manufactured precision-machined products for the avionics, aerospace and military defense industries behind a worldwide-leading reputation for excellence. Virtually every commercial, corporate, cargo and military aircraft flying the skies today includes our parts, manufactured in Bloomington, IN. Industry titans including Boeing, Curtiss-Wright, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Gulfstream, Honeywell and more of the world’s biggest, most-trusted names in aviation all partner with us for products including avionics mounts, metal cases, boxes, enclosures, a proprietary cooling duct system, bezels, latches, switch guards and other custom components. We are now broadening our services with six new divisions, providing expertise and capabilities to new industries. These divisions include: MSP Armory MSP Automotive MSP Aviation MSP Medical MSP Military MSP Sanitation

Prior to my role as Vice President, I worked in law enforcement for 10 years. During my time in law enforcement and the military, I saw many examples of poor leadership. I took those lessons and try my best to not make those mistakes. MSP Manufacturing has allowed to lead from the front and to make sure ever team member is taken care of. While still serving in the Guard, I have had no issues with attending trainings, schools, or any other military obligations.
Johnny Goode, Army National Guard, Vice President

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Career Pathways at MSP Aviation, Inc.

Individual Contributor

Become a master of your skillset and help inform company leadership.
Median Salary:$91,729
Desired Skillsproblem solver, strong work ethic, collaborative thinker


Learn customer needs and match them with the right products.
Median Salary:$101,420
Desired Skillsself-confident, goal-oriented, good listener

Supply Chain

Oversee activities including purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing.
Median Salary:$74,600
Desired Skillsstrong people skills, organized, critical thinker

MSP Manufacturing (MSP Aviation)

About MSP Manufacturing
About MSP Manufacturing

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What's MSP Aviation, Inc. all about?

official website

What's MSP Aviation, Inc. all about?

official website
Our people are our most valuable asset. MSP Manufacturing prides itself on it's customer service but this can not be achieved without the great team we have. Every team member is essential and to operate effectively we must be a cohesive unit. Input and suggestions even from the entry level position is encouraged.

Where is MSP Aviation, Inc. Located?

MSP Aviation, Inc. is located in Bloomington, IN, which is situated in Southern Indiana. Nestled in the rolling hills, natural forests and lakes of Southeast Indiana is a growing defense hub leading innovation in unmanned systems, robotics, and cyber security.