A Career You Can Be Proud Of

A Career You Can Be Proud Of

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You Won’t Find a More
Veteran-Friendly State Anywhere

Indiana is a special state for veterans and their families. We have great respect and opportunities for those who served—and their families—which makes this one of the best places to put down roots and start the next chapter of your life.  INvets is a nonprofit partnership with the state of Indiana aimed at attracting, retaining, and cultivating veteran talent. Learn more about what we do.

It’s time to find a career you can truly be proud of right here at the Crossroads of America. 

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Find the Right Career : Veteran Career Opportunities in Indiana

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Industry Pathways



Love putting things together? Indiana is home to some of our nation’s leading manufacturers—and there are countless careers to explore.
Starting Salary Range:$30k – $70k
3-5 Year Potential Salary Range:$70k – $110k
Industry Growth Projections:1.5% annually
Example Job Titles:

individual contributor

production specialist

industrial maintenance tech

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Public Sector

Public Sector

Are you still wanting to serve your community? The public sector offers you a wide range of jobs in the federal, state, and local government.
Starting Salary Range:$15k – $50k
3-5 Year Potential Salary Range:$35k – $60k+
Industry Growth Projections:1% annually
Example Job Titles:

Law Enforcement



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Health Care

Health Care

Health care is full of lucrative positions in high demand. If you enjoy helping others, this is your career.
Starting Salary Range:$38k – $70k
3-5 Year Potential Salary Range:$100k+
Industry Growth Projections:14% between 2018 and 2028
Example Job Titles:


surgical technologist

registered nurse

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Indiana is a burgeoning tech hub, and we have a wide range of positions open in this fast-paced industry.
Starting Salary Range:$40k – $65k
3-5 Year Potential Salary Range:$80k – $150k
Industry Growth Projections: 3.4% annually
Example Job Titles:

data scientist


cybersecurity specialist


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If you’re into automation, AI, machine learning, or want to efficiently get things from A to B, logistics might be for you.
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