Technology is the fastest-growing job sector in Central Indiana and has a median salary nearly double that of the rest of the state.

Why Work in Technology?

During your time in the military, you learned to quickly solve big, technical problems. You’ll be doing the exact same thing in the technology industry while still working as a team toward a bigger goal.

Find Your Niche

You can find technology jobs in just about any specialized field you can think of.

Be Logical

Computer algorithms rely on logic. The technology jobs of the future require a talent for reasoning.

Harness Your focus

Do you love getting lost in your work? Web developers and data analytics professionals often sit at a computer writing code for hours.  

Solve Big Problems

Our world’s biggest issues often get solved by people in this industry. 

Analyze Everything

Paying close attention and having excellent awareness is key. 

Career Pathways in Technology


Learn customer needs and match them with the right products.
Median Salary:$101,420
Desired Skillsself-confident, goal-oriented, good listener


Create, test, and optimize applications.
Median Salary:$69,430
Desired Skillsquick learner, sharp eye, customer focused

Data Science

Help solve complex problems using sophisticated computers and machine learning.
Median Salary:$118,370
Desired Skillsmathematical mind, creative thinker, strong analytical skills

A Few Industry Facts

new jobs nationwide by 2028
median salary in 2018
potential growth rate over next decade
Salaries are rising quickly in this industry, a trend that’s expected to continue.
Software developers can make $100k+ in just a few years.
This is the fastest-growing industry in the country.
An interest in technology can lead to a job in just about any industry.
Many businesses have company-sponsored training for certifications.

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