Veteran, Spouse, and Family Resources in Indiana

Our collaborative resources can help you take advantage of everything Indiana has to offer, and can assist you with ongoing education, training, wellness, finding a career, financial support, helping your spouse get a job, and much more.

Everything You Need to Get Ahead

Moving & Getting Connected in Indiana

For many veterans, moving to Indiana is a great choice. Indiana is a desirable location for veterans and their families. We have all the resources you need to get ahead. 

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Higher Education

We have many programs for ongoing education, which can lead to lucrative careers. Learn more about how to increase your value to a business.

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Career Planning

Most successful professionals have a career progression plan. We can help you get started on the path to success by helping you discover interests and set goals.

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Veteran Family Resources

We offer just as much support to military spouses and families as we do for veterans themselves.

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Easing the Financial Burden

Our state offers lots of great financial incentives to veterans who want to live and work here, including employer relocation assistance. 

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Create Your INvets Profile

Take the first step toward your new career and start browsing open positions. Not sure where to start? Check out our Explore Careers page.