Indiana Financial Incentives

Easing the Financial Burden for Veterans and Their Families

Transitioning out of the military isn’t easy, and sometimes a little extra financial support can help you reach your goals. Indiana has many excellent financial incentives for veterans to help you and your family thrive in the Hoosier state. 

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs

The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs assists Hoosier veterans by giving them every advantage possible. The department works with a network of county veteran service officers who are here to help you at no cost.

College Tuition for Children of Disabled Veterans
Free or discounted college tuition is available for children of disabled veterans who joined the military while living in Indiana or who have lived in the state for at least five years before using the benefit.

College Tuition for Children of Purple Heart Recipient
Children of veterans can also get free or discounted college tuition if their parent entered active duty while living in Indiana and received the Purple Heart medal.

Property Tax Deductions
Many veterans are eligible for property tax deductions. The amount of the deduction depends on a number of criteria, including disability status, wartime service, and property value.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses 
Hoosier veterans who received a service-connected disability rating can purchase hunting and fishing licenses at a reduced rate.