Career Overview

median salary
jobs nationwide in 2018
approximate # of new jobs by 2028
Learn how to design and build websites.
Create, test, and optimize applications.
Write code using programming languages such as HTML or XML.
Work with graphics to create animations and other digital effects.
Learn and implement UX strategy.
Troubleshoot websites for bugs and perform site maintenance.

What It Takes

Veterans often have a knack for quickly learning new skills and putting them to use. That’s similar to developers, who also enjoy problem solving and working independently—although they also need to be part of a team. This is an excellent career path because of the flexibility: You can work in defense, entertainment, health care, marketing, or practically any industry you can think of.

Quick Learning

Figuring out how to code takes an intuitive mind and a willingness to learn.

Deep Concentration

Developers are used to focusing on their work for long stretches of time. 

A Sharp Eye

Checking code and finding bugs means being detail-oriented.

Good Time Management

Developers can get busy quickly—and they are often the master of their own schedules.

Customer Focus

Writing great code means knowing and understanding the hearts and minds of the audience you’re trying to reach.

Career Progression

Step 1
Attend coding academy
Step 2
Get certified in coding language
Step 3
Begin working as a developer
Step 4
Manage a dev team

Key Companies

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U.Group is a digital transformation partner focused on using technology to solve your most pressing challenges.

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