Individual Contributor

Career Overview

Career Overview

median annual salary
List item iconBe your own boss and an important part of the chain of production.
List item iconLearn the fundamentals of high-level business processes.
List item iconGain entrepreneurial skills as you learn how to optimize manufacturing operations.
List item iconBecome a master of your skillset and help inform company leadership.
List item iconMake your own schedule and work on your own time.

What It Takes

Being an individual contributor means working your way up through a company without taking a management track. It’s an opportunity to work on your specialty without the day-to-day responsibilities of leading a team of people. If you like to work alone, explore this career.

Strong Work Ethic

Individual contributors need to be masters of their craft and great self-motivators.  

An Independent Mindset

Although you’re not a manager, you’re just as accountable for upholding the standards of the company.

Problem-Solving Skills

You’ll be challenged every day with new, evolving situations. You have to adapt and react.

Collaborative Thinking

You might not be a manager, but you still need to collaborate seamlessly with a team.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Learning more about how a business works will go a long way in this profession.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Find your focus area
Step 2
Obtain degree or certification
Step 3
Master your skill
Step 4
Become company partner

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