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Belle Tire

THE STORY SO FAR Belle Tire was founded in 1922 by Sam Waze, with the first location on Grand River Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Sam named his business after his wife, Belle. For more than 90 years, family-owned Belle Tire has been a staple in the communities where it does business throughout Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana. The family-owned business has more than 2,000 employees and 100 retail locations, offering the best tire selection and auto service throughout the region. THE LEGACY CONTINUES Belle Tire's commitment to family and its hometown roots continues to be at the forefront of its business model. Today under the continued leadership and guidance of the Barnes family, we are building a national brand with heart. And we’re so glad you want to be part of the journey!

Serving my country was always something that I wanted to do. The Military has taught me how to be organized and confident, tactful, prepared and that helps me with my day to day at Belle Tire. The bonds that you build and the teamwork that you utilize in the Military is so similar to the daily aspects of Belle Tire. We always have to work as a team, we have to have each others backs and throughout the whole process we get to build bonds and really create a family. It's always such a great experience running into some of that stuff at Belle Tire as well. When you see other former members or other current members of the military, it's always just fun to kind of talk about your past experiences and just bond on that level that you do in the Military. I would recommend anybody to come check out Belle Tire, I think the camaraderie that we have within the company and the core values that we share with the Military is so similar it would be a perfect fit.
Lane, U.S. Marine Corps, Store Manager

Career Pathways at Belle Tire


Learn customer needs and match them with the right products.
Median Salary:$101,420
Desired Skillsself-confident, goal-oriented, good listener

Supply Chain

Oversee activities including purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing.
Median Salary:$74,600
Desired Skillsstrong people skills, organized, critical thinker

Vehicle Maintenance

Inspect brakes, steering mechanisms, transmissions, engines, and other vehicle parts.
Median Salary:$50,390
Desired Skillspeople skills, a steady hand, diagnostic skills, organization


From the beginning, we’ve followed a strong set of beliefs, passed down through our actions and word-of-mouth alone. See what it means to be part of the Belle Tire family.
From the beginning, we’ve followed a strong set of beliefs, passed down through our actions and word-of-mouth alone. See what it means to be part of the Belle Tire family.

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What's Belle Tire all about?

official website

What's Belle Tire all about?

official website
WHO WE ARE We recognize the unique skill sets that veterans bring to the workforce. That is why we place an emphasis on hiring qualified veterans into our ranks. At Belle Tire, we are proud to empower and employ former military to begin a successful career. We're always looking for smart, driven and talented veterans to join our team. We strongly believe that veterans make us a better company!

Where is Belle Tire Located?

Belle Tire is located in Allen Park, Michigan, which is situated in Indiana.