Vehicle Maintenance

Career Overview

salary range
jobs nationwide in 2018
growth expected through 2028
Inspect brakes, steering mechanisms, transmissions, engines, and other vehicle parts.
Follow checklists to ensure that all critical vehicle parts are in working order.
Read work orders, and determine work required.
Repair or replace malfunctioning electrical equipment.
Perform regular vehicle maintenance including oil and tire changes.
Assist with disabled vehicles in route to their destination.

What It Takes

Are you curious about how machines work? Do you have a knack for fixing things? Did you grow up with a shoebox full of toy cars? If so, a career in vehicle maintenance and repair within the logistics industry might be a good fit.

People Skills

Maintenance technicians often discuss automotive repairs with drivers and managers. They must be courteous, good listeners, and ready to answer questions.

A Steady Hand

This career means being good with your hands and remaining calm and focused during complicated repairs.

Diagnostic Skills

Maintenance technicians often use diagnostic equipment on engine systems and component parts to identify and fix problems.

Hand and Arm Strength

Lots of heavy lifting and wrenching is a big part of the job. 


A clean workspace and strong organizational skills are a must to maintain safety and accountability.

Career Progression

Step 1
Take automotive service tech course
Step 2
Receive certificate or associate degree
Step 3
Specialize in a key area (e.g. diesel repair)
Step 4
Begin managing other maintenance techs

Key Companies

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