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Heartland Food Products Group

Our fast-growing team of product, packaging and process innovators helps retailers, foodservice operators and brand owners create consumer-preferred products in a competitive, ever-changing market. The SPLENDA® Brand is the #1 brand in the low-calorie sweetener (LCS) category and the most recognizable in the world. We want to inspire people to live healthier by enjoying their food choices. For years, we have delivered a variety of options with simple solutions to help consumers achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Our portfolio of products reinforces our position as a category leader with more delicious new products to come. We also have our own coffee brand. JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee is handcrafted in small batches by brewmasters, sourcing only the best ingredients. The cold brew process delivers a beverage that is rich, smooth and less acidic than hot-brewed coffee.

"It has been more than 15 years since I joined Heartland. I have held many positions throughout the years. Growing alongside a truly innovative company has been a rewarding experience. Individuals that seek to build a career with a company that embodies a credible and trusted culture, will find the team they are looking for at Heartland."
Mark Hayden, U.S. Coast Guard, Heartland Learning & Development

Career Pathways at Heartland Food Products Group

Industrial Maintenance

Diagnose and fix minor mechanical issues before they become major problems.
Median Salary:$51,630
Desired Skillsmechanical skills, desire to learn, manual dexterity


Create plans to meet customer demand for popular products.
Median Salary:$46,634
Desired Skillsphysically fit, love of technology, technically accurate


Learn customer needs and match them with the right products.
Median Salary:$101,420
Desired Skillsself-confident, goal-oriented, good listener

Why you should be working at Heartland

A video showcasing Heartland Group's products, our work culture and the benefits of working at Heartland.
A video showcasing Heartland Group's products, our work culture and the benefits of working at Heartland.

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What's Heartland Food Products Group all about?

official website

What's Heartland Food Products Group all about?

official website
There is no sweeter place to work than Heartland! We’re looking for people who are Fast, Flexible and Innovative to join our growing team of product, packaging and process innovators. The three core pillars of our company and culture resonate in everything we do. Fast - From ideation to shelf, no one gets to market quicker. Flexible - We’re nimble, meeting our customers’ needs and adapting to an ever-changing market. Innovative - We’re driven, solving problems and reinventing what’s possible. Like our diverse portfolio of products, we have a diverse team with a wide variety of skillsets. From Research & Development, quality and manufacturing to corporate positions in finance, marketing, sales and human resources, there is a role for you at Heartland.

Where is Heartland Food Products Group Located?

Heartland Food Products Group is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is situated in Central Indiana. World-class sporting events and museums, nationally renowned chefs, and thriving arts and cultural districts define life in Central Indiana. With a median, single-family home price under $200,000, learn more about the affordability of one of the Midwest’s largest cities.