Career Overview

Career Overview

salary range in 2018
million jobs nationwide in 2018
production manager salary
List item iconRead schematics and blueprints.
List item iconPut products together using sophisticated production robots.
List item iconBecome a quality control specialist ensuring everything is up to standard.
List item iconCreate plans to meet customer demand for popular products.
List item iconLearn the ins and outs of how a factory works.
List item iconWork in the automotive industry, defense, retail, and many other areas.

What It Takes

Indiana has a cutting-edge manufacturing sector where veterans can find competitive pay in entry level positions and beyond. These careers are in high demand throughout the state and are often an excellent fit for veterans who enjoy working toward a shared objective with a well-coordinated team. 

Good Fitness

Many of these careers keep people on their feet and moving around.

Technical Accuracy

Being detail oriented—and able to follow strict procedures—is critical for success in manufacturing production.

Hand-Eye Coordination

When using heavy machinery, you can’t afford to make mistakes. 

Willingness to Learn

These careers offer opportunities to grow and to learn from those with experience. 

A Love of Technology

This is a career where you’re using machines, robots, and automation.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Start with on-the-job training
Step 2
Work toward certification
Step 3
Begin training others
Step 4
Move into management

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