Operations Leadership

Career Overview

Career Overview

median annual salary
jobs nationwide in 2018
approximate # of new jobs by 2028
List item iconLead a logistics operation in all aspects of the business.
List item iconCollaborate across departments to work on business growth.
List item iconSupervise the work of logistics specialists, planners, and dispatchers.
List item iconCreate policies and procedures for logistics activities.
List item iconDirect distribution center operations and make sure they’re maximizing efficiency.
List item iconResolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, or customer issues.

What It Takes

As a veteran, you’re a natural leader. The leadership skills you’ve worked hard to build translate well to a management position within the logistics industry. If you’re someone who’s good at rallying people and inspiring confidence, take a closer look at this career.

An Eye for Detail

This position requires keeping detailed records while managing multiple projects in a quick-moving environment.


You must be able to manage unforeseen issues and adjust as needed to resolve problems.

Critical Thinking

You’ll need to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a particular process or operation.

Clear Communication

Operations leaders need strong communication skills as they collaborate with others. 

Excellent Leadership

Leading by example is critical for this position.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Complete bachelor’s degree
Step 2
Get certified through APICS
Step 3
Work as supply chain manager/logistician
Step 4
Move into leadership

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