Career Overview

Career Overview

median salary
career or volunteer firefighters nationwide
growth from 2018 to 2028
List item iconUsing sophisticated firefighting and rescue equipment
List item iconPromoting fire safety through talks, advice and training sessions
List item icon Working with police and ambulance service personnel
List item iconUndertaking physical and academic training
List item iconLearn to drive large vehicles in an emergency situation.
List item iconInspect buildings for fire safety and enforcing safety standards

What It Takes

Many veterans find a career as a firefighter fitting to their experience. The comradery and team skills that you develop in the military translate well to the fast-paced job of a firefighter.   

A Desire to Help

If your desire to help others gives you the courage and fortitude to put your own safety aside in order to get the job done, then being a firefighter might be a great fit.

Situational Awareness

This is a career where you can’t afford to make mistakes. That means making accurate, rapid assessments.

Technical Accuracy

Most of the equipment is high tech and requires you to be detail-oriented. Being able to follow strict procedures—is important for your safety and others.

First Aid Proficiency

You will need a basic knowledge of first aid as you might be tasked with rolls with EMTs and paramedics.    

Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to diagnose what’s wrong with a patient or understanding the structural integrity of a burning building can be a matter of life or death, so being able to quickly solve problems is key.

Excellent Fitness

The equipment for a firefighter can be heavy and are often required to run upstairs or to be able to lift heavy objects, including people.  

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Obtain a high school diploma and meet basic requirements
Step 2
Graduate from a fire academy and EMT program
Step 3
Perform task as a firefighter, engineer, EMT
Step 4
Earn leadership positions and become a Fire Chief

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