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The Lafayette Indiana Evonik Site, Tippecanoe is one of the world’s largest sites for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and Evonik's second-largest site in the U.S., with around 650 employees. Evonik is a leading producer of APIs, focusing on large-scale manufacturing of highly potent drug substances and APIs based on complex chemistry which require multi-step synthesis.

I have worked at Tippecanoe Labs for 25 years. I am fortunate to work where I like the job. But more importantly, I really enjoy the people. Evonik has provided me with a good work life and a great home life. My wife and I love nature and the outdoors. We were able to buy a farm where she can have her horses and I have a place to fish and hunt.
John Bowlin, USMC, Production Supervisor

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Career Pathways at Evonik Corporation

Industrial Maintenance

Diagnose and fix minor mechanical issues before they become major problems.
Median Salary:$51,630
Desired Skillsmechanical skills, desire to learn, manual dexterity

Operations Leadership

Supervise the work of logistics specialists, planners, and dispatchers.
Median Salary:$94,730
Desired Skillseye for detail, adaptability, critical thinking


Create plans to meet customer demand for popular products.
Median Salary:$46,634
Desired Skillsphysically fit, love of technology, technically accurate

Evonik Tippecanoe Laboratories

Here is our site, located across the river from Purdue University!
Here is our site, located across the river from Purdue University!

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What's Evonik Corporation all about?

official website

What's Evonik Corporation all about?

official website

Where is Evonik Corporation Located?

Evonik Corporation is located in Lafayette, IN, which is situated in Northwest Indiana. With a population of more than 845,000 across urban, suburban, and rural communities – and located just minutes from Chicago – Northwest Indiana offers low cost, high-quality living.