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Co-Alliance Cooperative

For 100 years Keystone Cooperative has been farmer-owned and centered on the longevity and success of the family farm. We’re headquartered in Indianapolis, but our impact on the rural communities we serve is far reaching. Throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois we deliver innovative solutions in agronomy, propane, fuels, grain, seed, swine production, and feed, offering a diverse portfolio of products and services. More than 1,700 Keystone employees work daily to ensure it is our service that sets us apart and provides you with an excellent Keystone experience.

"Keystone Cooperative has helped with my transition out of the military by giving me a purpose and a way to keep serving my community."
Zachary Mancuso, U.S. Army, 91p Artillery Mechanic

Career Pathways at Co-Alliance Cooperative


Analyze, plan, and evaluate business expenses and income. As well as using financial data to search for problems and irregularities
Median Salary:$73,560
Desired Skillsdetail-oriented, mathematical, and independent.


Becoming a driver in the logistics industry gives you the chance to take command of the open road in the country you helped protect.
Median Salary:$43,680
Desired Skillsexcellent hand-eye coordination, exceptional hearing, good health

Operations Leadership

Supervise the work of logistics specialists, planners, and dispatchers.
Median Salary:$94,730
Desired Skillseye for detail, adaptability, critical thinking

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What's Co-Alliance Cooperative all about?

official website

What's Co-Alliance Cooperative all about?

official website

Where is Co-Alliance Cooperative Located?

Co-Alliance Cooperative is located in Brook, Indiana, which is situated in Northwest Indiana. With a population of more than 845,000 across urban, suburban, and rural communities – and located just minutes from Chicago – Northwest Indiana offers low cost, high-quality living.