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Alliance of Indiana Rural Water

Our nationally recognized training program was developed in response to the industry’s need to train the next generation of skilled workers and standardize training across the state of Indiana. Once an Apprentice completes this 2 year program and passes an aptitude test given by the State of Indiana, they are considered a journey worker and can do tasks unsupervised making this person employable as a Systems Operations Specialist in the Water / Wastewater Industry

I have been in the Indiana Army National Guard since April 2013. I attended basic training at Fort Jackson, SC and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. My MOS is 12N horizontal construction engineer (heavy equipment operator). Currently, I am a staff sergeant. I have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where I was tasked to construct base defenses for force protection. I'm currently in the wastewater apprenticeship program working with the Town of Sunman after completion of my wastewater certification, I will start the apprenticeship program for my water certification to get dual certified. I can continue to grow and excel in this profession making a positive impact on the world of water and wastewater treatment.
Perry Cassidy, Army, Wastewater Apprenticeship Program

Career Pathways at Alliance of Indiana Rural Water


Monitor networks for security breaches and investigate when they occur.
Median Salary:$98,350
Desired Skillslove of computers, calm under stress

Operations Leadership

Supervise the work of logistics specialists, planners, and dispatchers.
Median Salary:$94,730
Desired Skillseye for detail, adaptability, critical thinking

Be Essential

The benefits of a career in water.
The benefits of a career in water.

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What's Alliance of Indiana Rural Water all about?

official website

What's Alliance of Indiana Rural Water all about?

official website
Alliance of Indiana Rural Water supports the water /wastewater industry statewide. We are training the next generation to fill the skills gap as licensed operators retire. The Alliance provides training and onsite technical assistance on Safe Drinking Water Act compliance issues, public health protection (as it relates to drinking water and wastewater), managerial issues, financial issues and operational issues to water and wastewater systems in Indiana that serve populations of less than 10,000 people. Our training and technical assistance is available thanks to grants from the US Environmental Protection Agency and USDA Rural Development.

Where is Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Located?

Alliance of Indiana Rural Water is located in Franklin, Indiana, which is situated in Central Indiana. World-class sporting events and museums, nationally renowned chefs, and thriving arts and cultural districts define life in Central Indiana. With a median, single-family home price under $200,000, learn more about the affordability of one of the Midwest’s largest cities.