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Becoming a Firefighter as a Veteran

Firefighters serve communities directly, putting their life on the line to protect people from danger. Because of this, it is an attractive profession to troops and veterans alike. The alignment of values between the two professions makes transitioning from the…

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Finding Great Jobs for Veterans, Right Here in Indiana

Are you ready to stop working a job and find your career? It goes without saying that finding a job is one of the most important steps for veterans to take. The transition to civilian life is not usually easy….

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Technology Jobs for Veterans in Indiana

There’s much to consider in transitioning back into civilian life. All veterans must contend with jumping into a new career. One of the most welcoming fields to veterans is technology. Veterans pick up many useful skills that give them a…

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INvets Appoints Blaine Zimmerman as Executive Director

Current Executive Director, Wes Wood, is leaving to join workforce technology company Veryable Director of Veteran Engagement, Blaine Zimmerman, will lead INvets going forward INvets announced today that Blaine Zimmerman has been promoted to executive director. This decision follows a…

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INvets to power Indiana communities with $50,000 grant from Duke Energy Foundation

Grant to support “INvets Ambassadors” recruiting veterans to Indiana Funds will expand INvets’ veteran talent pipeline to Indiana employers Indianapolis, IN – INvets received a $50,000 grant from Duke Energy Foundation to recruit veterans leaving the military to live and…

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Summer Destinations in Indiana

Summer destinations in Indiana. May in Indiana revolves around the Indianapolis 500. But how do locals occupy themselves during the summer months? It turns out that having a good time in Indiana isn’t entirely dependent upon the sporting calendar. With…

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Add These 5 Things to Your Calendar This May

Add these 5 things to your calendar this May. Believe it or not, the most exciting thing you do this month might be watching a stranger drink a glass of milk—assuming that stranger is the winner of the Indianapolis 500….

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3 of the Most Family-Friendly Communities in Indiana

3 of the most family-friendly communities in Indiana. Indiana has more than acres of cornfields on offer—especially for veterans with families.  With a low cost of living and economic incentives for eligible veterans, it’s no surprise that service members are…

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Five Industries That Are Vital To Indiana’s Economy

Five industries that are vital to Indiana’s economy. As Indiana’s economy rebounds, look for opportunities in these important industries.  In 2020, even the fastest-growing industries in Indiana experienced setbacks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the state’s economy…

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Use Military Skills to Jump-Start Your Civilian Career

Use military skills to jump-start your civilian career. How can you apply your dynamic military skill set in a new context? For many transitioning service members, resume writing is a significant hurdle. How do you translate years of military experience…

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5 Tips for Finding Success and Direction After Leaving the Military

Ready to approach your transition to civilian life with a renewed sense of purpose? Transitioning to civilian life seems to come with more questions than answers. How do you decide which career path is right for you? When should you…

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How to Set Salary Expectations for Civilian Life

How to set salary expectations for civilian life. Transitioning to civilian life presents veterans with countless challenges. With all of the major lifestyle changes and intense planning for the future, some things will naturally be forgotten. Believe it or not,…

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