Veteran Resources

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Blaine Zimmerman

Mental healthcare for veterans has been a known need for some time. While there have been some strides in this area, the transition to civilian life still leaves many feeling stranded. Changing careers, lifestyles, and potentially places of living creates an understandably large amount of stress, and these seismic shifts in stability are not the only thing our veterans struggle with. It is important to remember that there are resources available beyond the VA; resources that can help specifically with this transitional period.

INvets is proudly partnered with Happy, an organization dedicated to providing frictionless mental healthcare. With an understanding that finding mental health services can deepen the stress of those who need it most, this partnership provides free and convenient access to care at the pivotal transition stage from military to civilian life. Clients have reported their feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness by half after a single call with a mental healthcare provider. Additionally, over a third of clients who benefit from this partnership reported that it is their only available mental health outlet. So, not only is this program effective, but it meets veterans where they are, in a way that is non-disruptive to their everyday lives.

The importance of the transition stage in a veteran’s life is often overlooked, even though healthcare providers are aware of its emotional significance. Healthcare options change for a variety of reasons when leaving military service, whether due to change in income, lifestyle, or location, many find their access to care only before and after their transition to civilian life. However, it can be vital to have support during this particularly stressful time, as the very reasons that lead to increased stress also complicate finding help.

Indiana is currently the only state where veterans can access free mental healthcare services geared towards the transition to civilian life. This program is one of many that not only show that Indiana is a great state for veterans, but that it will continue to lead the charge in serving those who have served. This INvets and Happy initiative is the only one of its kind currently, but its successes show us how imperative it is that it doesn’t stay that way.