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Looking for your next career move after military service? The tech industry might be for you…

Leaving the military and stepping back into civilian life can be an overwhelming process. There’s a lot to consider both personally and professionally as you leave behind a familiar environment and explore new possibilities. However, the majority of veterans leave service looking forward to making the most of their military training in their next career…

There’s a world of opportunities waiting for our nation’s military members-especially in the tech industry. The tech industry offers many opportunities that are well-suited for veterans’ skills and experience. Here’s why…

Military Skills Translate To The Tech Industry 

The tech industry is fueled by constant change and exploration-and the need for resourceful, capable talent is growing. Experience and skills gained during military enlistment translate well into roles within the tech industry.

Specialized Training 

Today’s military force creates and operates some of the most advanced technology systems in the world. Many military roles involve the use of advanced programs, machinery, and technology for which personnel are given specialized training. 

Problem Solving

Throughout their time in service, veterans are constantly faced with challenges that demand quick thinking, adaptability, and resilience. From making real-time decisions in the field to discussing mission-critical strategies in the boardroom, practical experience makes our military members proactive problem-solvers, sharpens analytical skills, and creates a mindset that thrives on overcoming obstacles. 


In the military, being an effective communicator is key to a successful mission. Whether it’s giving orders, understanding mission-critical information, or updating command on progress, veterans leave military service as more capable communicators.


Military members know the importance of organization. Whether it’s people, equipment and materials, or plans, staying organized is a mission-critical task for all ranks and positions.  Understanding how to manage time, resources, and people efficiently to produce the best outcome is great for any job, but especially the fast-paced world of tech.


Veterans of every rank learn to lead-and to follow-during their time in the military. Military personnel are great at making tough decisions, handling risks, sticking to high ethical standards, and leading teams toward common goals. They know how to put their team first and get the job done.

The Tech Industry At A Glance

Technology is at the forefront of driving advancements across all industries. So, whether you’re passionate about creating software, data analysis, UX, cybersecurity, AI, coding, or creating your own startup, there are plenty of pathways to explore in tech and the opportunities and possibilities are growing. 

With a growth rate expected at 16% from 2022-2032, outpacing many other business sectors, the tech industry continues to create opportunities for a diverse, skilled workforce. This translates into an expected 377,500 new jobs available annually during that time period.

Not only are the opportunities growing, on average, tech professionals command higher salaries. The median annual salary for computer and IT positions reached $100,530 in May of 2022, much higher than the average wage of $46,310 for all occupations, according the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Where To Look For A Job In Tech 

Indiana is quickly emerging as a promising destination within the tech industry. Traditionally known for its agriculture and manufacturing industries, the region has been steadily attracting tech companies and startups due to its supportive business environment and proximity to other Midwest hubs. 

The relatively low cost of living, esteemed universities, and skilled workforce make Indiana a premier destination for software development, healthcare IT, and manufacturing technology. Additionally, there are over 23 tech parks located in Indiana where ideas and businesses are incubated, Purdue Research Park being the most notable. 

Next Steps 

Ready to explore a career in technology after your time in the military? At INvets, we’re veterans helping veterans and their spouses find careers and opportunities so they can thrive in the civilian world. 

Put our network to work for you. We’re connected with some of the largest and most innovative technology companies in Indiana. Create a profile today and plot your next career move with us.