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As a non-profit organization founded by veterans to help other veterans, we hold the opinions of those in our community very highly. It is through the individual conversations we have with each one of the veterans we work with that we find the feedback to guide our growth. In this process, we have identified three areas that our veterans say INvets has assisted them the most in.

Career Opportunities
“With my unique situation, I had personal one on one interactions with most of the staff at INvets at some point in the journey. I had them personally investing their time and energy on my behalf. Specifically, they leveraged their personal networks to help me. I landed interviews solely because of their influence.” –Joshua White

INvets has over 500 employee partners in our network across a wide range of industries. This means that we can connect veterans to employment opportunities that do more than pay the bills. We connect with each individual veteran to learn their stories and identify their specific strengths and weaknesses. We use this information to help us communicate through our network and find the best employment opportunities our vets can get.

We also offer assistance with professional development and preparation for job applications and interviews. But our assistance doesn’t end with your employment. You can continue to use INvets as a career and financial planning resource as well.

Lifestyle Planning
“You have someone telling you what to do during most of your military career. But once you’re out, you’re on your own. Knowing that there are support networks out there is a big relief and something you want in your back pocket, even if you don’t think you need it. INvets provides support close to the home base and area-specific information that helps with creating a good transition plan. ” –Marcel Pielemeier

A struggle many veterans face when transitioning out of service is the lack of structure a civilian lifestyle might have. That’s one of many reasons why it is important to create a detailed transition plan. However, creating this transition plan is more complex than it sounds. It is a many-step process to figure out what a veteran’s transition should look like, including important details like housing, social life, budget, and much more. INvets works to make this process a touch simpler by providing access to informational resources and individualized care.

Support Network & Community
“Don’t get into the mindset that INvets is just ‘another’ organization. Instead, recognize that they are real humans with real human experience, and their goal is to help you. They get excited about helping you—so let them.” –Joshua White

INvets does not only provide resources for career and life planning. We are also a social touch point for all those within our network. We are proud to connect thousands of veterans and community members throughout Indiana. We love working face-to-face with veterans. Check out our events calendar to get in touch in-person.

If you are a veteran in Indiana or are considering making Indiana your home, we urge you to Create a Profile today and start letting us get to know you.

“If you are a veteran debating on using INvets or considering moving to Indiana, I highly recommend taking advantage of this incredible service. The support and resources provided by INvets are invaluable in finding a job that fits your unique set of skills and experiences. I am incredibly thankful to INvets for opening this door to my future.” –Andrew Michael Viater