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Our team members are deep-down dedicated to our Purple Promise—to make every FedEx experience outstanding. They prove it by going the extra mile (sometimes literally). Engaging with each other to find creative, innovative ways to solve customer problems. And displaying a work ethic that just won’t quit. No matter where you look—from Memphis to Mumbai, Dublin to Dubai, Botswana to Brazil—we’re working to provide a safe, inclusive, and rewarding place to work. Where growth and learning are prioritized. Employee successes are celebrated. And team members are delivering hope, change, and new possibilities to people everywhere.

Career Pathways at FedEx Express


Becoming a driver in the logistics industry gives you the chance to take command of the open road in the country you helped protect.
Median Salary:$43,680
Desired Skillsexcellent hand-eye coordination, exceptional hearing, good health

Industrial Maintenance

Diagnose and fix minor mechanical issues before they become major problems.
Median Salary:$51,630
Desired Skillsmechanical skills, desire to learn, manual dexterity

Vehicle Maintenance

Inspect brakes, steering mechanisms, transmissions, engines, and other vehicle parts.
Median Salary:$50,390
Desired Skillspeople skills, a steady hand, diagnostic skills, organization

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Join Team FedEx where you'll find great career opportunities and benefits.
Join Team FedEx where you'll find great career opportunities and benefits.

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What's FedEx Express all about?

official website

What's FedEx Express all about?

official website
At FedEx, we’re as diverse as the world we serve. From Harlem to Hong Kong, from Sao Paulo to Sydney, the world of FedEx is all about connecting people, places and cultural diversity. To meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we reflect that diversity within our organization and celebrate it in communities around the world. Our company was founded on a people-first philosophy, and respect for everyone has always been an everyday business practice. Our diverse workforce, supplier base and supporting culture all enable FedEx to better serve customers and compete in the global marketplace. Creating an exceptional workplace means caring about more than our company’s success. It means prioritizing our people. Recognizing next-level effort. Prizing diversity. Enabling innovation. And rolling up our sleeves to help the people around us. Learn more about what we value and how we give back.

Where is FedEx Express Located?

FedEx Express is located in South Bend, Indiana, which is situated in Indiana.