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Redefining Packaging for a Changing World Our Purpose is our story. It describes what we want to achieve and it tells the world who we are and why we exist. We are different as we see the opportunity for packaging to play a powerful role in a changing world. Our Purpose is to help our customers respond to changing shopping habits with the sustainable packaging solutions that our society needs.​ We always keep an eye on the future, as we are operating in a changing world. Towns, cities and entire populations are rapidly transforming. The growth in digital technology is revolutionising the way we shop and live. We increasingly expect to purchase products tailored for us, whenever we want them, wherever we want them, delivered to us in a way that fits our busy lifestyles. We want more choice and convenience but with less impact on the world around us.

I decided to join DS Smith because of all of the great growth and upward mobility opportunities available with a well-established company that is making their presence known in America. Even though I have been with DS Smith for a short time, I have already seen the vast global impact we make everyday with our purpose, which is to help our customers with sustainable packaging solutions while maintaining a sustainable future for generations to come.
Todd Albertson, Army

Career Pathways at DS Smith

Individual Contributor

Become a master of your skillset and help inform company leadership.
Median Salary:$91,729
Desired Skillsproblem solver, strong work ethic, collaborative thinker

Industrial Maintenance

Diagnose and fix minor mechanical issues before they become major problems.
Median Salary:$51,630
Desired Skillsmechanical skills, desire to learn, manual dexterity


Create plans to meet customer demand for popular products.
Median Salary:$46,634
Desired Skillsphysically fit, love of technology, technically accurate

State of the Art Facility

Tour of new Lebanon, Indiana state of the art facility.
Tour of new Lebanon, Indiana state of the art facility.

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What's DS Smith all about?

official website

What's DS Smith all about?

official website
DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging worldwide. We operate across 37 countries and employ over 31,000 people. Our recycling business collects used paper and corrugated cardboard, from which our paper manufacturing facilities make the recycled paper used in corrugated packaging.

Where is DS Smith Located?

DS Smith is located in Lebanon, IN, which is situated in Central Indiana. World-class sporting events and museums, nationally renowned chefs, and thriving arts and cultural districts define life in Central Indiana. With a median, single-family home price under $200,000, learn more about the affordability of one of the Midwest’s largest cities.