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Intertech Products, Inc

Our core competencies are centered around compression molding, die cutting, assembly and extrusion coating/laminating. We work successfully with individuals who enjoy manufacturing and are committed to building careers within it, as well as individuals who view working within manufacturing as a stepping stone while they strive to gain additional skills to pursue careers outside of the manufacturing sector.

“As a veteran, I had a list of items I evaluated while looking for a job. Intertech Products has exceeded each of these expectations. I am now getting ready to pursue a degree and transfer into a career as a Maintenance Technician with the help of Intertech Products.”
Lucas Courtney, 0341 Infantry Mortarman in the United States Marine Corps, Maintenance Clerk

Career Pathways at Intertech Products, Inc

Civil Engineer

Designs and supervises construction projects such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads, and roads.
Median Salary:$68,605
Desired Skillstechnical, mathematical, leadership, decision-making

Industrial Maintenance

Diagnose and fix minor mechanical issues before they become major problems.
Median Salary:$51,630
Desired Skillsmechanical skills, desire to learn, manual dexterity


Create plans to meet customer demand for popular products.
Median Salary:$46,634
Desired Skillsphysically fit, love of technology, technically accurate

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What's Intertech Products, Inc all about?

official website

What's Intertech Products, Inc all about?

official website
At Intertech Products, we are committed to helping our employees excel—both at work and at life. That’s why we offer tuition and technical certification reimbursement programs for associates at all levels of the organization. We also encourage associates to pursue continued education to enhance their skill sets and to expand/diversify their career goals. Whenever possible, we promote from within the organization and encourage our existing associates to seek out additional responsibilities and roles as they are presented via internal job postings. And of course, we offer competitive wages and benefits for all employees.

Where is Intertech Products, Inc Located?

Intertech Products, Inc is located in North Manchester, IN, which is situated in Northeast Indiana. Home to approximately 790,000 people, Northeast Indiana is an 11-county region that fits all kinds of lifestyles. Enjoy Fort Wayne’s vibrant downtown, the slower pace of smaller communities like Angola, or find outdoor adventure in the northern lake counties.