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GEMCO Constructors, LLC

GEMCO Constructors, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, is a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, building automation systems and service contractor providing comprehensive design and build solutions for its customers throughout the United States. GEMCO was recently named one of the 25 Fastest Growing Companies in Central Indiana for the third consecutive year and has also been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by The Indianapolis Star!

I went in the Army at a very young age, right after high school and I guess you could call it one of my first jobs. I learned structure and order as well as the importance of the “team” in getting the job done. I haven’t worked at many companies but since day one at GEMCO I was impressed with the team concept that exists from the top down. The comradery between the MEP trades reminds me of working with the other Armed Forces during my time in the military. GEMCO leadership explains the mission, provides the materials and tools to allow us to get the job done. I believe fellow veterans will enjoy working in the team atmosphere at an established and growing company.
Doug Owens, Army, Electrical Pre-Construction Manager

Career Pathways at GEMCO Constructors, LLC

Individual Contributor

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Median Salary:$91,729
Desired Skillsproblem solver, strong work ethic, collaborative thinker

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What's GEMCO Constructors, LLC all about?

official website

What's GEMCO Constructors, LLC all about?

official website
Most of us let our workplace culture form without defining what it is and what we want it to be. It’s important to step back, define, and evaluate your workplace culture – both what it is now and what you want it to be in the future – and how all of the factors above are either contributing or taking away from your desired culture. Keep in mind that culture is always a work in progress. It can and will change and evolve over time. This culture begins with some simple behaviors for all employees to exhibit. Be Courteous, Be Nice, Communicate Consistently and Professionally, Hold Ourselves and Each Other Accountable. GEMCO Constructors has adopted 6 Operating Principals to positively shape the culture: 1. Dependability – Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice 2. Initiative - Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it 3. Flexibility - Willingness to change plans or ideas to benefit the greater good 4. Resourcefulness - Effectively utilizing the people and tools available to overcome challenges 5. Decisiveness - Recognizing and acting on key factors to finalize important decisions

Where is GEMCO Constructors, LLC Located?

GEMCO Constructors, LLC is located in Indianapolis, IN, which is situated in Central Indiana. World-class sporting events and museums, nationally renowned chefs, and thriving arts and cultural districts define life in Central Indiana. With a median, single-family home price under $200,000, learn more about the affordability of one of the Midwest’s largest cities.