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Since 2009, Allyon has been a trusted partner to the Top 20 Prime Government Contractors. We are a WBENC certified woman owned small business strategic subcontracting partner with a DoD Top Secret Facility clearance. We support our federal partners with IT service support and expertise in the areas of Cyber Security, Infrastructure Support, Engineering, Application Development, and Program Management. We have a proven track record of delivering award-winning, best in the industry results. We’re invested in identifying, retaining, and deploying dynamic teams using technologies and processes that are systematic, measurable, and repeatable.

"Allyon was the best organization I ever worked for in the civilian sector hands down. I had no experience with Allyon previously. I was not entirely sure what to expect. From the beginning, everyone on the team was professional and made sure I received a reply promptly. The benefits were good and there was always a good line of communication. I never felt like just another number on the payroll - it turned into the best experience I had with any contractor. Allyon always performed above and beyond, and that is a rare thing these days. I’m so happy to hear Allyon is growing! I absolutely love working for you and Allyon. Definitely, a top-notch company and others should be taking a page from your book!"
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Career Pathways at Allyon


Monitor networks for security breaches and investigate when they occur.
Median Salary:$98,350
Desired Skillslove of computers, calm under stress

Data Science

Help solve complex problems using sophisticated computers and machine learning.
Median Salary:$118,370
Desired Skillsmathematical mind, creative thinker, strong analytical skills

Software Developer

Create, test, and optimize applications.
Median Salary:$69,430
Desired Skillsquick learner, sharp eye, customer focused

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What's Allyon all about?

official website

What's Allyon all about?

official website
Our vision is to help people fulfill their career goals and provide them with opportunities to lead, mentor, and achieve financial, personal, and professional success. As a company, our main value is the people we hire. We strive to create a strong corporate culture where people are loyal and happy to come to work; where we work hard but have fun doing it, and where our employees are the number one focus. We believe that happy employees are good employees. For over a decade, Allyon has been working as a trusted advisor and strategic partner beside some of the federal government’s most trusted integrators to deliver on complex strategic security initiatives in the DoD, Federal Civilian, and Intelligence communities. Our agility and core competencies allow us to provide unparalleled support in cyber security, engineering and infrastructure support, applications development, and program management to our partners and the federal government.

Where is Allyon Located?

Allyon is located in Atlanta, GA, which is situated in Indiana.