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Abonmarche Consultants, Inc.

Abonmarche is a leading civil engineering, architecture, and land surveying firm. Our reputation is built on trust, passion, reliability, and quality. We are committed to exceeding the needs of each client, which has established an outstanding portfolio of referrals. We work closely with our clients to understand what they need to accomplish and what they hope to achieve. Then we put our expert technical and creative skills to work — and help them create a great place. Our team consists of over 130 committed professionals at all levels. Founded in 1979, we have been expanding over the past several years and now serve clients from offices in South Bend, Valparaiso, Lafayette, Hobart, Goshen, and Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as Benton Harbor, South Haven, and Portage, Michigan. We offer civil engineering, surveying, architectural, waterfront development, and landscape architecture services for municipal, residential, and commercial clients.

Career Pathways at Abonmarche Consultants, Inc.


Analyze, plan, and evaluate business expenses and income. As well as using financial data to search for problems and irregularities
Median Salary:$73,560
Desired Skillsdetail-oriented, mathematical, and independent.

Bank Teller

The first point of interaction for customers as they enter the bank. Tellers verify the identity of customers and process requests for deposits and withdrawals from patron accounts.
Median Salary:$32,620
Desired Skillscustomer-service, detail-oriented, math skills

Civil Engineer

Designs and supervises construction projects such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads, and roads.
Median Salary:$68,605
Desired Skillstechnical, mathematical, leadership, decision-making

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What's Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. all about?

official website

What's Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. all about?

official website
Love what you do! Discover why Abonmarche is the best place to work. PURPOSE *Collaborative Teamwork *Social Events *Purposeful Work Environment *Community Involvement *Transparency & Communication *Culture of Excellence OPPORTUNITY *Challenging Work *Current Technology *Approachable Leadership *Development & Mentorship Program BENEFITS *Competitive Base Salary *Paid Vacation & Holidays *Health, Dental, & Vision *Company Paid Life Insurance *401(k) Employer Match *Bonus *Work-Life Balance

Where is Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. Located?

Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. is located in Benton Harbor, MI, which is situated in Indiana.