Surgical Technologist

Career Overview

Career Overview

median salary
jobs nationwide in 2018
approximate # of new jobs by 2028
List item iconWork directly with surgeons and medical teams during operations.
List item iconPrepare exam and operating rooms for use.
List item iconAssist with the use of robotics in surgery.
List item iconGreet and prepare patients for procedures.
List item iconBe in charge of supplies and instruments before, during, and after a surgery.
List item iconBecome an expert in learning how to sterilize wounds and environments.

What It Takes

If you have an interest in medicine and want to play a support role in high stakes situations where attention to detail is critical, you may want to become a surgical technologist.

Excellent Listening

Surgeons need support during surgery. You’ve got to be ready to listen and respond.

Sharp Focus

There is no room for mistakes when you are dealing with human lives. This is a career for mindful people who stay on task.

An Eye for Detail

It’s all about the little things when you’re a surgical technologist. You can’t let things slip through the cracks.

Performance Under Pressure

A hospital environment can be a stressful place and, during surgery, there’s a lot to keep track of. Keeping your cool is important.

A Steady Hand

You must be smooth and efficient to handle sterile tools in fast-moving situations.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Get CPR and BLS certification
Step 2
Enroll in accredited CST program
Step 3
Get your national CST certification
Step 4
Become Tech in Surgery-Certified (TS-C)

Key Companies

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Logo for Joins us! Be a part of a team that is dedicated to compassion, accountability, respect and excellence in everything we do.
Joins us! Be a part of a team that is dedicated to compassion, accountability, respect and excellence in everything we do.
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Surgical Technologist – Skilled
Diagnostic Radiology Technologist

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