Registered Nurse

Career Overview

median salary
million jobs nationwide in 2018
approximate # of new jobs by 2028
Assess and assist with diagnosing patients.
Help doctors create long-term care plans.
Specialize in critical care, neonatal, rehabilitation, or many other areas.
Analyze and help report lab test results.
Provide education to patients and their families.
Use a wide range of diagnostic medical equipment.

What It Takes

You’d be hard pressed to find a career with more opportunities than a registered nurse (RN). With outstanding career mobility and the chance to help people in need, it’s a great fit for men and women who feel called to serve others.

A Kind Heart

RNs help people who are struggling with health issues, so if you’re kind and patient, this might be a great career path.

A Willingness to Learn

As a nurse, you’re always learning new things: new treatments, medications, and equipment.

Good Cardio

You might not realize it, but nurses are constantly on the move—and almost never off their feet. Being in shape definitely helps.

Problem-Solving Skills

Sometimes, patients know something’s wrong but can’t pinpoint the issue. That’s where your problem-solving skills come into play.


Many people count on nurses to be consistent and detail-oriented. That takes lots of self-discipline. 

Career Progression

Step 1
Get your nursing degree
Step 2
Pass NCLEX-RN exam
Step 3
Receive your state RN license
Step 4
Continue education to become an NP

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Respond to emergency situations, providing critical first aid.
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Desired Skillsfirst aid proficiency, problem-solving skills, excellent fitness

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