Keeping our power grid connected.
Career Overview

Career Overview

median salary
jobs nationwide in 2018
hours of on the job training
List item iconOperate and maintains the electric SCADA system.
List item iconMaintain knowledge of and implement safety procedures at all times.
List item iconLocate underground electric cable faults for repair.
List item iconOperate diggers, bucket trucks, hand tools near and around electrical distribution lines.
List item iconRead and interpret wiring diagrams.
List item iconInstall primary and secondary overhead and underground electrical systems.

What It Takes

Many veterans are well-positioned to thrive as Lineworkers. Many of the skills and attributes you develop in the military translate to these fast-paced jobs, and they’re a natural fit for people who want to stay on their toes—and deliver a service to the people around them. 

A Desire to Help

Without lineworkers, we do not have powerlines and without powerlines, the world does not have the power to operate.

Situational Awareness

This is a career where you can’t afford to make mistakes. That means making accurate, rapid assessments to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. 

Technical Accuracy

Being detail-oriented and able to follow strict procedures—is important. They must have an understanding of electrical and power equipment and knowledge of electrical currents, voltage, and resistance

Love for the outdoors

It is essential that a Lineman have the ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions and to complete tasks with little or no supervision.

Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to diagnose potential problems particularly when assessing power cables for repair or replacement or troubleshooting defective equipment. 

Excellent Fitness

Lineworkers are often on their feet and need to be able to lift heavy objects and climb powerlines. 

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Get CPR certification
Step 2
Four-year lineman apprenticeship
Step 3
Commercial driver’s license (CDL)

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