Technology Jobs for Veterans in Indiana


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Blaine Zimmerman

There’s much to consider in transitioning back into civilian life. All veterans must contend with jumping into a new career. One of the most welcoming fields to veterans is technology. Veterans pick up many useful skills that give them a leg up in entering the tech field, plus there are more scholarships and incentives than ever. Moreover, technology jobs in areas with emerging technology hubs, like Indianapolis, are more accessible.

Getting Started
The best way to find a first job in tech is to map out your goals and skills to see what fits best.
Luckily, there are many avenues into a career in the tech industry today, and more jobs in the field continue to emerge. And, many of these jobs don’t require coding skills! So jobs in technology are more accessible than ever.

If you are a veteran who already has some hard skills relating to jobs in technology, some doors may already be opened. But, there are some skills that might not immediately bring a technology career to mind that still apply. For example, if you are a veteran who already has security clearances, then cybersecurity positions may be a good fit for you. That’s why it is imperative that all your skills be considered, including both skills that obviously correlate to technology jobs and ones that apply in less obvious ways. Once you find a position that is a good fit for you and your skills, it’s time to actually find and get that technology job!

Next Steps
If you are eyeing a job that requires education or skills beyond what you already have, remember that there are many resources for education and training for veterans! The most notable and universal resource available to veterans is the GI Bill. However, there are scholarships for higher education and even scholarships for coding bootcamps too. Additionally, a solution to financial obstacles may be relocating to an area with a low cost of living, such as Indiana.

No matter if you’re sure or unsure of what position you’re looking for, networking is always advantageous. In the consideration process, it is beneficial to network with those in the technology field, as they will be able to give the lived truths of the industry. They will have indispensable advice for what skills are the most important to build and can help you find what companies suit the kind of work culture you would enjoy the most. It is especially beneficial to talk to other veterans! They are more likely to understand the process of transitioning into civilian life and the tech sector, and will therefore also more likely be a strong connection in finding careers.

There are also various non-profits that can help veterans connect with employers, build relevant skills, and prepare for crucial career steps (e.g. interviews). INvets is one such non-profit that works with an array of technology employers and seeks to help vets in the Indiana region. Get started with us today and start exploring how we can help you!