Your next mission: a successful career in Indiana

Moving on from the stability of Fort Campbell can be difficult

Especially if you don’t know which employers are looking to hire veteran talent. Our Executive Director, Wes Wood, experienced that struggle firsthand.

We also know that service members at Fort Campbell are passionate and dedicated individuals who have spent their years of military service honing versatile skill sets.

Employers love that.

That’s why INvets has partnered with over 200 Indiana businesses and organizations that are looking to hire transitioning service members with your unique abilities and experience.

Are you planning your military transition? 

INvets, a nonprofit organization founded by veterans, helps service members at Fort Campbell build relationships with Indiana employers and pursue lasting, lucrative civilian careers. We take the guesswork out of job searching by connecting transitioning service members with businesses and organizations that want to hire veterans, so when you apply for one of the featured positions on our job board, you know you have a shot at landing it.

Get started with INvets to see available jobs at veteran-focused businesses and organizations in Indiana. Create a profile, claim your free T-shirt, and let us help you maximize your transition opportunities.