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Since 1945, Schillings has provided Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with the means to build great residential homes and projects with solid advice, products, and a neighborly attitude. Our great-grandfather planted the foundation for a century of family successes and commitment. Our mission has surpassed the test of time and even grown stronger. With added services, newly refreshed showrooms, a fleet of trucks, long list of quality services, and a renewed brand identity, this third generation of Schilling Brothers is on track to keep the family legacy and dedication to growth in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland residential construction growing strong.

Career Pathways at Schillings


Analyze, plan, and evaluate business expenses and income. As well as using financial data to search for problems and irregularities
Median Salary:$73,560
Desired Skillsdetail-oriented, mathematical, and independent.

Bank Teller

The first point of interaction for customers as they enter the bank. Tellers verify the identity of customers and process requests for deposits and withdrawals from patron accounts.
Median Salary:$32,620
Desired Skillscustomer-service, detail-oriented, math skills

Civil Engineer

Designs and supervises construction projects such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads, and roads.
Median Salary:$68,605
Desired Skillstechnical, mathematical, leadership, decision-making

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What's Schillings all about?

official website

What's Schillings all about?

official website