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ManTech was founded in 1968 to provide advanced technological services to the U.S. Government. We began with a single Navy contract to develop war-gaming models for the submarine community. Over the years, our government's technology needs have increased dramatically in scope and sophistication, and we have grown to meet that challenge. For 5 decades, we kept a careful eye on where emerging technologies were taking the government, and we developed the resources to master those technologies—by staying close to our customers and anticipating their needs, hiring over 9,400 talented professionals to propel us into the future, and acquiring companies with proven capabilities. Today, we are a multibillion-dollar public company that provides the innovation, adaptability and critical thinking our government needs for success in defense, intelligence, law enforcement, science, administration, health and other fields—throughout the nation and in many countries around the world.

I have been working at ManTech for 3 years. When I came to ManTech I was still enrolled in school pursuing my Bachelors. I was able to use ManTech's tuition assistant program to complete my degree. Since then, I have completed two additional certifications. The constant support and communication I get from leadership makes ManTech stand out from different companies.
Caitlyn Stoltz, Navy Veteran, Cybersecurity Engineer

Career Pathways at ManTech

Data Science

Help solve complex problems using sophisticated computers and machine learning.
Median Salary:$118,370
Desired Skillsmathematical mind, creative thinker, strong analytical skills

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What's ManTech all about?

official website

What's ManTech all about?

official website
ManTech is a defense contractor that provides support for the Federal Government. The Naval Aviation Division is based in Crane, IN. Our office sits right outside of Crane Naval Base by other federal contractors. We take pride in our "small office" feel, and really focus on each employee and their needs. ManTech also promotes employees from within and supports professional and personally growth.

Where is ManTech Located?

ManTech is located in Crane, Indiana, which is situated in Southern Indiana. Nestled in the rolling hills, natural forests and lakes of Southeast Indiana is a growing defense hub leading innovation in unmanned systems, robotics, and cyber security.