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Lafayette Police Department

The Lafayette Police Department is divided into 4 divisions, each one being responsible for different duties. Each division may then be subdivided into 2 or more specialized sections performing functions in support of the objectives unique to the division while advancing the overall goals of the departments. Patrol Division: Patrol officers work 12-hour shifts. There are 4 shifts for officers to choose from, based on seniority. Investigations Division: Within the Investigations division are two specialized units: Juvenile Investigations Unit Criminal Investigations Unit Special Operations Division: The Operations Division is comprised of the Assessment and Response Center (ARC), the Street Crimes Unit, and the Criminal Interdiction Unit. Administrative Services Division The Administrative Services Division handles the tasks of hiring, training, internal affairs, records manangement, and community outreach

Career Pathways at Lafayette Police Department

Data Science

Help solve complex problems using sophisticated computers and machine learning.
Median Salary:$118,370
Desired Skillsmathematical mind, creative thinker, strong analytical skills

Law Enforcement

Serve and protect your community.
Median Salary:$53,260
Desired SkillsGood moral character, problem-solving skills, perform under pressure.

LPD Recruiting

The LPD recruiting video is available on the LPD YouTube channel.
The LPD recruiting video is available on the LPD YouTube channel.

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What's Lafayette Police Department all about?

official website

What's Lafayette Police Department all about?

official website
Core Values As leaders of the community, we will perform our duties with the utmost fairness and respect for all citizens. We will be loyal to our mission and to the community we serve. We will protect and defend the rights of all citizens with dignity, honor, and compassion. We will have the courage to do what is right and to stand against what is wrong, while always applying common sense to the difficult decisions we must make. Vision Statement The vision of the Lafayette Police Department is to be a state leader in law enforcement. A cooperative spirit in which police officers and citizens work together to solve common problems will be the hallmark of our leadership. Mission Statement The mission of the Lafayette Police Department is to efficiently provide quality police service to our community by promoting a safe environment through a police-citizen partnership, with an emphasis on mutual trust, integrity, fairness, and professionalism.

Where is Lafayette Police Department Located?

Lafayette Police Department is located in Lafayette, Indiana, which is situated in Northwest Indiana. With a population of more than 845,000 across urban, suburban, and rural communities – and located just minutes from Chicago – Northwest Indiana offers low cost, high-quality living.