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With more than 300,000 pharmacists working today, it’s a shame that so many of them spend more time on phone calls with insurers than with patients. It’s our mission to change that. Our software enabled pharmacy automation solutions work tirelessly behind the scenes, so pharmacists have more time to spend with patients and enjoy their roles out front as trusted community healthcare providers. That’s unleashing pharmacy. With over 25 years in the pharmacy fulfillment business, we have invented and developed a suite of leading-edge pharmacy automation and software solutions. With more than 1,500 systems installed around the world, our technology is working tirelessly in every market segment, from retail to mail order to military pharmacy. iA has always been and will continue to be a proven leader in technology and forward-thinking solutions created specifically for pharmacy.

Career Pathways at iA

Civil Engineer

Designs and supervises construction projects such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads, and roads.
Median Salary:$68,605
Desired Skillstechnical, mathematical, leadership, decision-making

Data Science

Help solve complex problems using sophisticated computers and machine learning.
Median Salary:$118,370
Desired Skillsmathematical mind, creative thinker, strong analytical skills


Create, test, and optimize applications.
Median Salary:$69,430
Desired Skillsquick learner, sharp eye, customer focused

iA High Volume Pharmacy Automation Centralized Fulfillment

Check out this video to see iA high volume pharmacy automation solutions for centralized fulfillment in action!
Check out this video to see iA high volume pharmacy automation solutions for centralized fulfillment in action!

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What's iA all about?

official website

What's iA all about?

official website
At iA, we know the most important assets of our company are the people who work here, and we hope our optimism for the future of iA is shared by each and every one of our employees. Whether you’re a pharmacist, an engineer, or a sales associate — if you are passionate about being part of a team that enables customer success in delivering high-quality patient care, we will always value your role and your opinion as we all work together to unleash the full potential of pharmacy. Our leading-edge pharmacy automation and software solutions work hard behind the scenes so pharmacists can get out front and work with patients for the better overall health and well-being of people everywhere. If you think that’s something to feel really good about, we think you’ll fit right in here at iA.

Where is iA Located?

iA is located in Indianapolis, IN, which is situated in Central Indiana. World-class sporting events and museums, nationally renowned chefs, and thriving arts and cultural districts define life in Central Indiana. With a median, single-family home price under $200,000, learn more about the affordability of one of the Midwest’s largest cities.