IT & Cybersecurity

Career Overview

median salary
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approximate # of new jobs by 2028
Monitor networks for security breaches and investigate when they occur.
Install and manage security software.
Be familiar with emerging hacking trends and ways to counter them.
Prepare reports documenting security breaches and actions taken.
Develop security standards and best practices for an organization.
Recommend security enhancements.

What It Takes

Keeping people safe comes naturally to veterans. A career in cyber security lets you do the same thing in the world of computers, and it’s a field with lots of growth opportunities. If you’re great at protecting a company from cyber threats, you’ll also have great job security, too.

A Love of Computers

Security analysts must study computer systems and networks to assess risks and determine how protocols can be improved.

Knowledge About Cybercrime

The world of cybercrime is always changing, and you’ve got to know the latest tactics criminals are using. 


Hackers can be notoriously difficult to stop, so it’s important to stay tenacious to stop them.

Good Stress Management

When a cyberattack happens, companies can get shut down and situations can get stressful. You’ve got to be ready to manage it. 

A Curious Mind

Finding new ways to protect organizations from cybercrime is also an important part of this role.

Career Progression

Step 1
Career Progression
Step 2
Learn systems engineering
Step 3
Become cybersecurity tech
Step 4
Step 4 Become cybersecurity engineer

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